PETER: … I’ve been afraid I’m gonna lose it all. I mean, it was almost easier when I had nothing. When I was scrambling to rub two nickels together and keep a roof over my head.
MJ: Mmmm…?
PETER: That’s the problem with having a ton of blessings. You keep waiting for God to notice and say, “Wait, that’s not supposed to happen.” Know what I mean?
MJ: Mmm…
PETER: Aren’t you worried my luck’ll run true and I’ll lose it all?
MJ: Unh-unh
PETER: That’s optimistic. I mean, look at the facts. I’m in the Avengers. We’re living in Stark Towers, rent free. Aunt May’s healthy. I’m married to you. It’s all going too well to las—
MJ: Peter…you know I love you. You know your concerns are my concerns. But could you please, for God’s sake, focus on the here and now?
PETER: Sorry.
MJ: I mean, cripes! Get your head in the game, okay?
PETER:said I’m sorry.
MJ: Just feeling a little unappreciated, is all I’m saying.
PETER: Aw, man, MJ. Whattaya want from me?
MJ: Mmmm…
PETER: Oh. Riiiiight…

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 (Oct 2005), Peter David and Mike Wieringo.

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    Peter Parker is a “The glass is .0001% empty” kind of guy. Always something to whine about. As he can always go “my...
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    God only knows what MJ was doing to Peter while he was babbling about his luck. Think about it! All you hear from her is...
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