PETER: By the way—howcum you’re here so early? I didn’t think you woke up before noon.
MJ:don’t…but for you, I’m making the effort. Professor Warren is still mad about you missing all his classes…so I’ve appointed myself your official guardian-angel…to see you don’t foul up college any more than you have already.
PETER: Red, you’re all heart.
MJ: Hey! Now that is what I call class. Who says you don’t know how to dress, Petey?
PETER: I give: who?
CAPTION: But, as the two friends head uptown to the campus, one of them has a few unspoken reservations
PETER: Terrific. With MJ hanging around my neck becoming Spidey will be twice as difficult as before…not to mention getting to the Spider-Mobile!

Amazing Spider-Man #130 (1974), Gerry Conway (writer) and Ross Andru (pencils).

Continuing from this little moment (and this one): MJ plays social manager, Peter is …not especially appreciative. And after she paid you such a nice compliment and everything, Petey!

Fashion sidebar: it’s not just me loving those chic 70’s outfits, right? Yes, even the Christmas turtleneck. Which is acceptable because it actually is Christmas.

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