NYCC round-up

A few tidbits from New York Comic Con:

  1. According to’s writeup, MJ was name-dropped as “play[ing] a ‘huge’ role in Pete’s life.”
  2. Given the reappearance/restoration of a certain character last issue and subsequent interview with Chris Yost about the new Scarlet Spider series, we can assume by implication that MJ will not┬ábe the new Scarlet Spider. Jury’s still out on what will happen to her powers — at this point I think she’ll lose them at the very end of Spider-Island after a couple issues of kicking butt.
  3. Some behind the scenes info about Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark:
    The relationship between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson was also really big part of the changes they made. Originally, the show focused on a love triangle between Peter, MJ and the entity called Arachne, but the writers felt they needed to get more focus on the core love story and develop it earlier. After debating whether MJ should be dating Flash Thompson at the stories start, they decided to drop him so the leads could share a kiss in the first act. They weren’t sure when the pair went from romantically interested to dating, but then as Aguire-Sacasa noted “Then we had a scene where they’re kissing on a balcony, and well…they have to be dating if they’re kissing on a balcony.”
    These changes also resulted in one of MJ’s solo numbers being changed to a duet with Peter (source) — which song is unmentioned, but probably “No More,” as it’s the only song they sing in the first act without other characters.
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